December 2023 - High Noon Saloon Escape Room

Brad, Jeff, Shanna, Aaron, Ariana, Graham, Han

October 2023 - Salk Science at the Seaside

Mickey, Shanna, Han, Ariana

July 2023 - Lab Photo

L-R: Han, Ariana, Elise, Mickey, Graham, Jeff, Kiki, Shanna, Aaron, Arko
Back L-R: Ariana, Aaron, Graham, Elise, Arko, Mickey, Han
Front L-R: Kiki, Jeff, Shanna

July 2023 - Jessica's Thesis Defense

L-R: Patrick, Jeff, Arko, Aaron, Ariana, Shanna, Graham, Elise, Jessica, Kiki, Mickey, Han

June 2023 - Station Tavern

L-R: Chelsea, Arko, Kiki, Ariana, Shanna, Aaron, Han, Karthik, Graham, Mickey, Elise

June 2023 - SalkFEST

L-R: Han, Aaron, Jeff, Karthik

March 2023 - Lab Lunch at Caroline's

L-R: Aaron, Ariana, Kiki, Arko, Graham, Mickey, Karthy, Shanna, Karthik

February 2023 - After Graham's Promotion Seminar

L-R: Shanna, Kiki, Bev, Ariana, Mickey, Graham, Arko

December 2022 - Holiday Lunch and Skating

L-R: Graham, Kiki, Ariana, Shanna, Avery, Aaron H., Mickey

November 2022 - Karthik at CSHL conference on Biological Data Science

August 2022 - Lab Photo

L-R: Gabriel, Jeff, Shanna, Arko, Ariana, Graham, Kiki, Mickey, Cherish

June 2022 - Beach Day at La Jolla Shores

L-R: Hsiuyi, Ariana, Arko, Shanna, Aaron C., Mike, Graham & Julian, Karthik

June 2021 - Hike in Penasquitos Canyon

L-R: Mike, Jessica, Patrick, Jeff, Arya, Mickey, Aaron H., Karthik, Aaron C.
L-R: Mike, Jessica, Graham (and Simon), Jeff, Arya, Mickey, Aaron H. Karthik, Aaron C.

June 2021 - Lab BBQ

L-R: Patrick, Jeff, Karthik, Mickey, Benson, Graham, Aaron, Hsiuyi, Jessica, Arya

August 2020 - Lab Photo (COVID-19 Virtual Happy Hour)

Top: Karthik, Graham, Aaron
Middle: Jessica, Patrick, Arya, Hsiuyi
Bottom: Mickey, Arko

August 2019 - Lab Photo Day

Back: Selene, Hsiuyi, Aaron, Arya, Lillian
Front: Arko, Jessica, Patrick, Graham

Back: Jessica, Patrick, Graham, Arko
Front: Arya, Hsiuyi, Lillian, Selene, Aaron

July 2018 - Lab Photo Day

L-R: Arya, Selene, Arko, Jessica, Graham, Patrick, Halimo, Hsiuyi

Back: Arya, Selene, Jessica, Halimo, Hsiuyi
Front: Arko, Graham, Patrick

May 2017 - Lab Photo Day

Back: Jing, Selene, Hsiuyi, Beth
Front: Arko, Kayla, Graham, Patrick

Back: Jing, Selene, Hsiuyi, Beth
Front: Arko, Kayla, Graham, Patrick