WASP is a software package for unbiased allele-specific read mapping and molecular QTL discovery written by Bryce van de Geijn and Graham McVicker.

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WASP2 (under development) is the next generation of the WASP software for allele specific analysis. It currently provides filtering of reads with biased mapping, counting of allele-specific reads, and statistical tests for allelic imbalance. The interface has been greatly simplified and it is more computationaly efficient than WASP. WASP2 is written by Aaron Ho.



RELICS is a tool for the discovery of functional sequences from tiling CRISPR screens. RELICS was written by Patrick Fiaux.

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CRSsim is a tool simulating data generated by CRISPR regulatory screens and assessing the performance of various analysis methods for analyzing CRISPR regulatory screens. CRSsim was written by Patrick Fiaux.

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VarCA is an ensembl method for the discovery of single nucleotide variants and indels from ATAC-seq reads. VarCA was written by Arya Massarat, based on some initial ideas developed in the BreakCA tool developed by Arko Sen.

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bkgd is a program for calculating B values across the genome. A B value is an estimate of the effect of background selection at a given site in the genome, given the recombination rate and density of sites under purifying selection.

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GLiMMIRS is a generalized linear model framework for identifying interactions between enhancers using single-cell CRISPR perturbation data. GLiMMIRS was written by Jessica Zhou and Karthik Guruvayurappan.

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